Online Dialogue in English via Zoom

Mondays: 7:15pm to 9pm

Having participated in many online dialogue groups and facilitating several, I am looking forward to inviting you now to an online dialogue in English.
Especially in times when polarization and fragmentation is becoming ever more prevalent, I estimate it as crucial, to come together and create a space in which coherence can emerge.
A dialogue, as we know it from David Bohm, offers exactly this. Its simple, clear form provides a relatively safe container, where we can be in contact with one another and explore the world together.
Only one person speaks at the time.
As we slow down and listen to ourselves, the other, to the group as a whole and to the space between us, we become more present for what wants to be communicated and what is ready to reveal itself.
By doing so, we can witness the interweaving of what each participant brings to the middle.
As the dialogue unfolds, we can marvel at the richness and creativity of the invisible that is already contained in the visible, and how it is becoming more and more perceptible. Following a deeper order it is responding to questions, spoken or unspoken, that arise in our space.
Experiencing the potential of dialogue may then inspire us to treat ourselves with kindness, to support each other and our communities, so our way of being in the world, of communicating, may become a valuable contribution for the benefit of the Whole.

for current dates,  for information, to register and get the link to the Zoom Meeting, please contact:
for your curiosity and deep dive into the Dialogue: download the pdf. file below, a great read about the dialogue by David Bohm in English.